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Intraoral Camera

Using the intraoral camera we are able to see any part of the mouth on a computer monitor. As a result, the dentist can see any part of the mouth and consequently ensure much better dental care. Not only the dentist, the patient can also see the problem clearly and understand why the dentist wants to perform a certain procedure. The digital record is also very useful when it comes to getting the procedure accepted by the insurance companies.

Digital X-Ray

Digital X-rays are the most popular choice of imaging among dentists. They allow a close-up and accurate view of your teeth as well as of surrounding dental structures. A digital x-ray involves taking images and then inserting the images into an imaging program for a detailed view of your teeth.

The biggest advantage of digital X-rays is that they give out 80% less radiation than conventional x-ray machines. Digital imaging is very advanced and has been specially designed with the requirements of dental patients in mind.

CT Scan

Keeping in line with our state-of-the-art dental equipment, we use the advanced ‘Pax-I3D Green’ to get an accurate 3D image of your mouth. Based on the results from the Pax-I3D Green, our qualified dental specialists decide if a sinus lift or bone graft procedure is required for your unique dental needs.

The precision and accuracy offered by a Pax-I3D are far superior to equivalent images developed by 2D imaging equipment.



The EPIC X is an innovative tool that helps fulfill our promise to provide our patients with the most cutting edge technology in dental health. It is used for biostimulation to take away inflammation and for laser tooth whitening. This fast and versatile instrument allows us to utilize different modes that give you better care and increase comfort. The EPIC X saves you time and allows you to get back to your daily routine even faster!


Waterlase iPlus®

Waterlase iPLus


Panorex is a specialized imaging machine used for dental X-rays. A panorex is able to record digital images of the whole of the head including bones, teeth and sinuses. The patient sits with her chin resting on a small ledge and the machine is able to go around the head and take accurate images.

The Panorex is able to indicate several abnormalities over a conventional x-ray. The 360 degree turn is useful in taking informative and detailed images that indicate structures, infections and asymmetries requiring medical intervention.

Naturally, advanced imaging leads to advanced medical care.

ITero Digital Impression

A 3-D scan of your teeth replaces a conventional tray impression, providing our dentist with clear 3-D images of your teeth. These images are extremely detailed and accurate and are viewable from every angle using Invisalign’s software.

This powerful software uses data harnessed from millions of smiles and creates a ‘road map’ for your treatment plan. Using the information, we can create your unique digital treatment plan, ensuring that exactly the right amount of pressure is applied precisely to reposition teeth. We can fine-tune the repositioning of each tooth, creating a more perfect and potentially healthier smile. The road map ensures that the final treatment outcome will be a smile that looks attractive with teeth that bite together properly and function correctly.