Soft tissue grafting is done when there has been a fair amount of gum recession in your mouth. For a small amount of recession, your dentist will probably prescribe an oral hygiene routine that will take care of the problem. But when the gum tissue (also called gingival)recedes too much, it increases the risk of bacterial infection in your gums.

Hypersensitivity to hot and cold foods can indicate the onset of receding gums. If the gums recede far enough to reveal the exposed root, then it is possible to develop more serious problems. The root is now without protection as the gums have receded. Owing to its soft tissue, the root is more liable to attract bacterial infections and plaque.

Soft tissue grafting involves suing tissue from the roof of the mouth or from adjacent gum tissue to restore the gums to the original level. Soft tissue is a simple and routine preventative measure that must be done before serious conditions develop leading to periodontal surgeries.