Snap-on-smile is a quick, painless procedure that involves the fitting of a set of white, clean ‘teeth’ exactly over your existing teeth. This is a perfect solution for those who would love to flash a bright, white smile without undergoing intensive dental surgeries. The process takes about 2 short visits to the dental clinic. Snap-on-smile is a perfect option for those with chipped, cracked, missing or stained teeth.

The Snap-on-smile option begins with a friendly discussion about the kind of smile that you want. Then we will take a careful impression of your teeth and use that to design a Snap-on -smile. This is made with the help of a durable and strong resin that is required to make the snap-on-smile as thin and light as possible.

During your next appointment with us, which will be approximately 3 weeks later, you will have the pleasure of wearing your new smile. Snap-on-smile eliminates the need for any painful extractions, drilling or sedation. The whole process is fast, pain-free and very effective in improving your smile.

During your second and final appointment, we will provide you with a special cleanser designed to keep your snap-on-smile clean. You can continue to eat, drink and talk just as normal with no ‘down time’ to get used to your new smile. Moreover, snap-on-smile is detachable so you can simply remove it easily before sleeping, playing sport or cleaning your real teeth under it.