Most people feel nervous at the thought of undergoing medical procedures and oral sedation eases the way. Oral conscious sedation is a popular option where you remain aware of your surroundings but experience enhanced relaxation. Instead of completely knocking you out, oral conscious sedation simply helps you avoid the pain. Another possible side-effect of oral conscious sedation is that you may not recall any or a part of the dental procedure.

Oral conscious sedation offers several advantages:

  • The procedure is safe
  • Oral sedation is affordable unlike other forms of anesthesia which could prove expensive
  • The procedure is easy and uncomplicated
  • You can breathe on your own as well as talk
  • The only recommended precaution is that you should get a friend to drive you after your dental treatment.

If the thought of getting dental treatment makes you nervous, then speak to your local dentist about oral sedation options to keep comfortable during the procedure.