Vitoria Liao

Vitoria Liao has worked in the dentistry field since 1999 and became a Registered Dental Assistant in 2009 to better assist the doctor and the patient. She firmly believes that a smile is important in all aspects of life. Besides spending time with her husband and three kids, she enjoys the outdoor adventure.

Leticia Corona

Leticia Corona have been a Register dental assistant for 17 years. I love my job because I get to help people and that makes me fulfill my days. Love working at advance dental solution i glad to share the same principal with all the team members here. Working with Dr. Omid has been a really good experience. She is a really dedicated and compassionate person. All the new technology she provides to patients is amazing and very helpful for great treatment and precise diagnosis. Love working here.

Vanessa Saravia

Vanessa Saravia graduated from American Career College in 2005, I joined Advanced Dental Solution in 2014. Patient advocacy has been a passion and a challenge that brings me enjoyment of people. Building personal relationships, working through treatment concerns and creating financial plans has inspired my desire to grow in all of those skills as much as I can. This all just adds to a life that is fulfilled with family, friends, gardening and all things outdoors!