Mouth guards are recommended by all individuals who play contact sports. Mouth guards are important dental aids that protect your teeth, mouth, jaw, lips and cheeks from accidental injuries during play. Research has also indicated that wearing mouth guards can minimize the risks associated with concussion. You can reduce the possibility of structural damage to your teeth by wearing precautionary mouth guards.

Mouth guards are an absolute necessity for a range of contact sports such as: Football, lacrosse, wrestling, hockey, baseball and soccer. Any sports that involved body contact required players to wear mouth guards.

While most sporting goods stores stock mouth guards, this is not the best option as these are what is called ‘free-sized’ and not customized to fit your unique set of teeth. This is the reason why they often feel uncomfortable, ill-fitting and loose.

Make an appointment with your dentist to have a customized mouth guard created for your teeth. Dental mouth guards are created from a special thin plastic that has been hardened to provide durability, protection and comfort. The thin plastic also facilitates easy conversation on the field while keeping your teeth protected from accidents and injuries.