Mini implants are much smaller than a conventional implant as they possess a diameter that is half that of a regular implant. They are very useful in situations where regular implants cannot be fitted. For example, if the implant is to be done in a very small space, then a mini-implant is a preferable option to a regular one.

The most common use of mini-implants in the dental procedures involving the fitting of complete upper or lower denture placements. About 4 to 6 mini-implants are inserted in the gum line. Then an entire upper or lower set of teeth are fitted over these mini-implants as opposed to matching one tooth to one implant.

Another benefit of using mini-implants is that you do not require an incision to fit mini-implants owing to their small size. As a result, they can be placed directly into the gums and straight into the jawbone thus minimizing recovery time. Restorations can also be fitted shortly after or even immediately.

A third advantage is that mini-implants are often less expensive compared to regular dental implants. If you are interested in more information about mini-implants, make an appointment to see your dentist.