A tissue that prevents the movement of organs is referred to as a frenelum. In your mouth, both your upper lip as well as lower lip is attached to your teeth with the help of frenelum tissues. A frenelum can cause problems when it’s too short or too thick. The individual could experience problems while talking (inhibited speech patterns). A thick frenelum also leads to misalignment of the teeth.

Infants that are born with a frenelum that is too short face problems when they try to suck during breastfeeding. To prevent problems, a thick or short frenelum requires corrective surgery to set it right.

Frenectomy refers to a minor dental surgery that takes about 15 minutes to complete. The process can be performed either with laser technology or with a scalpel. If the procedure is done with lasers, causes little or no bleeding and neither does the patient require sutures. Similarly, laser technology lead to quick healing and less post surgery discomfort.

Dentists use general anesthesia when treating young children and infants while adults are administered local anesthesia. If your child or you suffer from an abnormal frenelum, you can get corrective surgery done at your local dental clinic. The process is safe and effective.