Dentures are ‘artificial teeth’ that look identical to real teeth. These are used in the event that you lose permanent teeth. You can wear either partial or full dentures depending on the number of teeth you have lost.

A full set of dentures can be one of two types:

Standard or conventional full dentures: When you use conventional dentures, your gums have to be given a few weeks time to heal and during this interval you will have to put up being without your teeth.

Immediate dentures: As the name suggests, immediate dentures are ready and waiting to be fitted as your dentist has already taken accurate measurements before the removal of your teeth. Since the dental lab has already created the dentures, you are not obliged to go without your teeth. Patients require one after-care visit after getting their dentures fitted. This is to ensure that the dentures feel comfortable and that your gum tissue is now healed. The new immediate set of dentures may require tightening to align it with your jawbone. This is because your jawbone sometimes undergoes slight adjustment after dentures are firmly fitted in.
If you have only lost some of your teeth, you can opt for what is called ‘partial dentures’. These are not full sets and function in a manner somewhat similar to a dental bridge.

Give yourself a little time

It always takes some time to become habituated to wearing dentures. Upon first wearing them, you may experience a strange sensation in your mouth. Sometimes, your dentures may move a little (if they are loose) when you speak or try to eat. But as time wears on, you will get accustomed to having the set of dentures and can gradually eat or talk normally. All dentures are equipped with a flesh-colored base area that fits accurately over your gums. Dentures require as much care as do real teeth; remember they are your teeth so ensure that you brush them carefully everyday to remove traces of food particles and plaque.

Denture maintenance and care

Upon removing them at night before sleeping, you must clean them with special denture cleaning solution using water kept at room temperature. Hot water is not recommended for denture cleaning at all as it may end up distorting your dentures.

In the event that your dentures feel loose or bulky even after wearing them for some time, you must not attempt to correct them on your own by pushing and forcibly fitting it etc. The best solution is to make an appointment with your dental clinic and tell them that the dentures do not feel comfortable.