Many people suffer from teeth grinding or bruxism. This condition typically occurs at night (although you can also manifest symptoms during the day). Bruxism may damage your teeth in several ways such as wearing down your teeth, attacking teeth enamel and finally leaving your teeth exposed to the increasing possibility of decay. Another side-effect is that the continual grating sound produced by teeth grinding can also disturb the sleep of your spouse.

You may be recommended protective dental night guards to discourage grinding. Night guards are custom made for each patient and your dentist will take measurements to send to the lab. The guard is like the mouth guards worn by footballers and athletes. Well-designed night guards fit comfortably and do not disrupt your breathing. They are also very long-lasting and can last you for nearly 10 years.

Other suggested solutions to discourage bruxism include the conscious loosening up of your jawbone. The first step towards relaxing of your jawbone is to avoid clenching. You must also avoid certain foods like coffee (caffeine) and alcohol that are known to encourage symptoms of bruxism. You are also advised to refrain from the habit of constantly chewing gum or chewing other objects like pens.