The process of exposing an impacted tooth for treatment is called canine exposure. A tooth becomes impacted when it is unable to grow out of the gums and surrounding tissue. It is stuck in the bone and tissue and this is when it becomes an impacted tooth. Two types of teeth, namely, the wisdom teeth and the canines are particularly susceptible to becoming impacted.

The canines are used to tear food and are important contributors to your ability to eat. Besides, the lack of canines will also detract from your appearance.

The process of canine exposure begins with a small hole made by the dentist in the gum area. This is designed for the impacted canine to erupt. The dentist may also utilize braces that are able to nudge the tooth into the correct place.

While impacted teeth maybe sometimes visible to the naked eye, X-rays are required to diagnose the extent of impaction. A milk tooth that is still in the gums is a common sign for presence of an impaction or a congenitally missing tooth.